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The SuperHappYYness Satellite Festival

The SuperHappYYness Satellite Festival

The SuperHappYYness Festival will celebrate the setting in motion of the process to create a New World by 2030 and bring about a New Civilization by 2050. We want to make this festival as a complete mobilization of all our energy, creativity and commitment to create the New World of Three Zeros and protect itself from its impending dangers of wealth concentration, global warming, and massive unemployment through the deployment of artificial intelligence.


The New Year is getting closer. And so is our Super HappYYness Festival. It will be in Munich, on June 26-29, 2020 . Many of you are already planning to come. Each of you who is coming please remember that most of your friends will not be able to attend this celebration in Munich for one reason or the other.


But we don’t want them to miss this global celebration. They   are invited to celebrate it wherever they are on June 27-28. Thanks to global communications and modern information technology, we can all celebrate together!


They can join us in Munich and we can join them in their city, or neighborhood or village or any other location through information and communication technology. All we have to do is to tell all our friends how to join the central celebration in Munich. This letter is to let you know how we plan to do it. Please share this letter with your friends everywhere to help them celebrate with us. It starts with writing a letter to all your friends all over the world. They may be your colleagues in your office, your contacts in other offices, universities, schools, clubs, companies, neighborhoods, within your city, and way beyond your city, wherever they live now, attaching this letter which explains how to make it happen.


We are calling these celebrations away from Munich but in tune with Munich as “ Super HappYYness Satellite Festivals” .

Where can this be organized?


Anywhere and everywhere on the planet. It is a matter of just taking the initiative by one or more persons and announcing a date, time and place. It can be in any location that the initiator decides. It can be at anybody’s home, a cafe, school, university, shop, office, park, sports club, shopping mall, book store, library, roadside, under a tree, beach, on a train, a boat, wherever it is convenient for anyone and their friends. 


All you need to do is to make sure a minimum of five people assemble in one place for at least two hours on June 27 or 28, 2020just making sure that it is June 28 in Munich , for a moment to celebrate Super HappYYness Satellite Festival in their very own way. Don’t forget to bring the children. It will be even better to encourage the children and the youth to hold their own satellite festivals.


You may designate one of the participants as the Master of Satellite Festival, the person who will conduct the Festival. He/she can organize some discussion on Three Zeros, and formally announce the commitment of the gathering to three zeros .They shall sign a commitment page of their own design, with signatures of all who are present and post it to Festival’s special page on socialbusinesspedia (http://socialbusinesspedia.com/events/SHSF2020), or send it to the address super.happyyness.satellite@yunuscentre.org .



For holding a Children and Youth Festival, one of the youth may become the Master of Festival and organize the whole event. You may guide them on how to do it, in case they need any guidance. They can directly connect with our Satellite Youth and Children Festival contact address ( super.happyyness.satellite@yunuscentre.org ) for all the information they need.



As soon as you decide to hold a Satellite Super HappYYness Festival please let us know who will be our contact person, or Master of Satellite Festival, how many do you expect to gather, where you intend to gather. Send details of the location of your satellite venue so that we can share it with others. We shall advertise your location by posting your information on the Super HappYYness Satellite Festival wall to let everybody know. Keep sending the names of the people who are joining you, and pictures! This will let all our friends around the world know that you are getting ready for the Festival.




All YSBCs may start planning to celebrate the Satellite Festival in a big way by organizing one central celebration in the university, and encouraging students to celebrate it in their departments, dorms, homes, clubs, cafes, sport fields wherever they find it convenient. Send your announcement and let your students send their announcements to us to put it up on the digital bulletin board.


All Yunus organizations, their partners, friends can do the same. They may have a Central Festival in the city they work in, and help other cities and rural locations to organize their own celebrations. They should start preparing from this moment and keep us informed.


Important :


Wherever you are organizing Super HappYYness Satellite Festival don’t forget to keep sending pictures and videos to ( super.happyyness.satellite@yunuscentre.org ). so that we can continuously put them up in our live page for the whole world to see them as they come. Friends around the world can also send you greetings. This will give us the feeling of being members of the same global family getting ready to protect our home and make it better for all of us.


If you expect more than 25 people in your gathering, design a programme for the event with speakers, topics, videos, slide shows, singers, dancers, messages, and discussions. Topics and theme of discussion will be how to make the world safe, how to achieve the three zeros.


Major Cities


We are hoping all major cities in the world will organize their own central celebrations, as well as celebrations in all neighborhoods in those cities. These cities are:


Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Weisbaden, Hamburg, Rome, Bologna, Torino, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Washington, LA, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, London, Glasgow, Athens, Dubai, Cairo , Moscow, St Petersburg, Istanbul, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Dhaka, Chittagong, Rio, Mexico City, Baja, California, Bogota, Kampala, Nairobi, Sydney, to name some of them.


If you wish to add your city in the list, send your mail to us announcing it, so that we can let others in the network know as well.


If you have any questions or suggestions please write to us as soon as possible. ( super.happyyness.satellite@yunuscentre.org)

Have a great celebration of Super HappYYness Satellite Festival all over the world.