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How to become a YSBC

How to become a YSBC

How to become a YSBC

To begin the formal process, we require a Letter of Intent from the university by an authorized person from the university which can include its Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, President, Rector, Registrar, Dean, Head of Department or equivalent position proposing the university's interest to set up the Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC). The letter can be sent electronically through sharing a scanned copy of the signed proposal.

The Yunus Centre upon assessment of the proposal shall revert with the following documents that will need to be signed:

Memorandum of Understanding outlining the provisions of agreement

Terms of Reference for use of “Yunus” Name

Upon review of documents by the university and agreement by both the parties to collaborate, the agreements copies are signed by representatives of the Yunus Centre and the university to mark the formal establishment of the YSBC.