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Global Social Business Summit – The Gathering 2019

Global Social Business Summit – The Gathering 2019

Global Social Business Summit

Global Social Business Summit – The Gathering 2019

on the 7-8th of November 2019

at Café Moskau, Karl-Marx-Allee 34, 10178 Berlin, Germany


At this point, I would like to introduce myself as your guest coordinator. My name is Lukas, and I have been working with Hans as a Creative Contributor at the Grameen Creative Lab. As I was already part of last year's GSBS in Wolfsburg and this year's Social Business Day in Bangkok, chances are good that we have met before!

Therefore it will be my pleasure to be continuosly providing you with information in advance to the GSBS, and to be your guide on our journey to the SuperHappYYness Festival next year in June.

Today is also the last call for recommendations, as we only have 25 spots left. So if you have someone on your mind who you know will be a great contributor to our collective goal of shaping the future of the Social Business movement, please forward me their contact. as soon as possible to: lukas.posegga@grameencl.com


Now is the time for us to mentally prepare, and to mobilize all our innovative power into a creative contribution to the Gathering.