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Immersion Program

Immersion Program

The Immersion Program is a one-month intensive program, which aims to provide young minds with an opportunity to learn about the concept of social business, as well as the philosophy of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. It is designed to help participants develop their social business entrepreneurial zeal. Interested students, studying in any discipline, are encouraged to apply. This program will give you a grand opportunity to gain practical insights into the operation, management and social impact of these businesses through meetings as well as field trips to Grameen Bank and Grameen families of Social Business. In addition, you will have the access to social business study materials and will be able to attend a short course on social business where each participant will learn how to create a ‘Social Business Plan’. At the end of the program, all participants shall submit their own social business plan and a report on the program. We at Yunus Centre welcome students from all over the world who are enthusiastic about joining our movement of putting poverty in the museums and are passionate about becoming social business leaders.

Why should you join the program?

Applicants, who are hoping to work alongside like-minded peers to forge lasting relationships based on the ideas behind social business, will discover the immersion Program at Yunus Centre to be the ideal avenue. Participating in this program will enable them to get involved in the following activities:

Social Business field trips: The most unique aspect of this program is the opportunity to participate in field trips to Grameen social business operation sites. More information on these social business sites have been provided in the next section.

Exploring Grameen sister Companies: There will also be the chance to have meetings with companies of Grameen such as Grameen Danone, Grameen Shakti, Grameen Caledonian Nursing College, Grameen Telecom trust and so on.

Global exposure: A splendid chance to work with and gain knowledge from people of different languages, nations as well as from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Social Business Design Lab: Design lab is the place where business ideas from budding entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds meet Social Business Gurus. Participants of the program will get the chance to see and learn from this wonderful sessions first hand.

The immersion program duration is one month, focusing on visits to Social Business sites including meetings with Grameen Bank and Grameen Social Business Companies’ management and studying social business academic materials. At the end of the program, participants have to submit their own social business plans and a report.
Facilitation Fee:
Facilitation fee for the program is BDT 6,000 or $75. Travel cost for field trip will be BDT 12,000 or $150. It should be mentioned here that the interns will be responsible for their own food, living and other costs.
Program details is described in below-
  First Week:    
    Orientation Program
Presentation from Yunus Centre
Meeting with Executive Director of Yunus Centre
Meeting with Supervisor of Social Business Team
Visit to Nobel Gallery and museum
Short class from Social Business Team- “How to make a Social Business Plan”
    Study on Social Business:

a) Materials to study-

  1. Banker to the Poor
  2. Creating a World without Poverty
  3. Building Social Business
  4. Super Happiness
  5. The Power of Social Business (BCG)
  6. Harvard Business Review (HBR)
  7. Redesigning Economics to Redesign the World
  8. YC Newsletter
  9. Conference Volume
    b) Videos to watch-
  1. Bonsai
  2. To Catch a Dollar
  3. Documentary- Banker to the poor
  4. Muhammad Yunus- Create Social Fiction
  5. Muhammad Yunus- Ideas for Social Change: Social Business
  Second Week:
    Meeting with the Social Business Companies-
  1. Grameen Bank
  2. Grameen Trust
  3. Grameen Danone
  4. Grameen Veolia
  5. Grameen Telecom
  6. Grameen Telecom Trust
  7. Grameen Shakti
  8. Grameen Health Care
  9. Grameen Shamogree
  10. Grameen Intel
  Third Week:
    Field Visits to 8-10 sites which are as below-
  1. Grameen Bank Branch
  2. Grameen Danone
  3. Grameen Veolia
  4. Grameen Shakti
  5. GC Eye Care Hospital
  6. Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing
  7. Japan Auto-Mechanic School
  8. Grameen Shikkha
  9. Social Business Industrial Park
  10. Nobin Udyokta Project
(Any field visit and meeting may be cancelled due to unavailability of the companies)
  Fourth Week:
    Day-1& 2:
      Tour to Bangladesh sites
    Day-3 & 4:
      Submit Social Business Plan
      Internship report
      Photo session with Professor Muhammad Yunus
Additional Program Details
  Yunus Centre requires applicants to possess an above average academic or entrepreneurial background, as well as strong leadership skills and of course, an interest in social business as an investment for the future. Participants of the program shall remain responsible for all living and food costs in Bangladesh (transportation cost of field trips is included in our facilitation fee).
Duration: One Month (It will start from 1st date of each month)
  Office day: Sunday-Thursday
  Holiday: Friday & Saturday
Required Qualifications:
  • At least enrolled in an Undergraduate program
  • All majors can apply
Please remember the following:
  • Make sure you that you apply one month prior to your intended start date. We will confirm you three weeks earlier if you are selected
  • If you receive our confirmation, inform within three days whether you will be joining or not
  • Try not to cancel once you have confirmed
A proper application should include your resume and Yunus Centre Application Form, which can be downloaded at: Application Form
Send in your application to immersion@yunuscentre.org
It is important that you gain some background knowledge about living in Bangladesh prior to your arrival. To access some general information about Bangladesh, CLICK HERE.
Other Programs:
Yunus Centre provides internship program; minimum duration is three months. It includes desk work along with meeting with social business companies and visit to social business sites. You may also register for Exposure Visit that includes meeting with social business companies and visit to their sites.