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Yunus Centre Social Business Design Lab (2)

Yunus Centre Social Business Design Lab (2)

yThe Yunus Centre Social Business Design Lab is a meeting place for the people of diverse backgrounds having only one goal – developing social business for the betterment of society.

The first Design Lab was held on 5th January, 2013. Since then Yunus Centre is organizing this programme once in every month.

What is Social Business?

A Social Business is a non-dividend business that seeks to solve a social problem through business methods. It is different from both a traditional personal profit-making business and a non-for-profit organization.

The idea of social business is based on the seven principles developed by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Social business is a cause-driven business. In a social business, the investors/owners can gradually recoup the money invested, but cannot take any dividend beyond that point. Purpose of the investment is purely to achieve one or more social objectives through the operation of the company, no personal gain is desired by the investors.

What is Social Business Design Lab?

The Social Business Design Lab is a daylong programme for the people who are interested in social business. This Design Lab is structured in a way to train, brainstorm and involve its participants in social business and as well as develop new ideas.

dlPeople from different backgrounds join in this program to learn about Social Business and brainstorm on potential social business ideas. Prospective participants for this Design Lab are:
• Business person
• Social business practitioners
• Potential investors/ entrepreneur
• Donor communities
• Academics, innovators
• Social workers, NGO personnel etc
• Philanthropist
• Young entrepreneur

Objectives of Social Business Design Lab

• A meeting place for the people interested in social business
• Brainstorm to develop social business ideas into real world company
• Awareness and training about social business
• Create linkage between investors and entrepreneurs of social business
• Showcasing of successful social business projects

**The YC SB Design Lab is always presided over by Honorable Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus


To participate in Design Labs, please register and submit your information. Please be informed that there is a registration fee for each individual.

pay laterPayment Methods:

1. Cash Booth (Yunus Centre)
2. bKash

Registration Categories:

1. For Individual/ Corporate: Tk. 450/-
2. For Student: Tk. 250/-


To participate the Social Business Design Lab>>   

Yunus Centre
Grameen Bank Bhaban, 16th Floor
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216

Time: 10.00 A.M. to 2.30 P.M. (with lunch and breakfast arrangement)