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Yunus Visits Social Business City of Barcelona & FC Barcelona

“বার্সেলোনা সামাজিক ব্যবসা নগরী ও বার্সেলোনা ফুটবল ক্লাব ” পরিদর্শন করলেন ড. ইউনূস

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was invited by the Futbol Club Barcelona to visit the FCB Stadium and Museum during his stay in Barcelona on 26-27 January. He was welcomed by the Vice President of the club Mr Jordi Cardoner and Member of the Board  Dídac Lee by Campe Nou.

Professor Yunus was given a tour of the Stadium and a special tour of the museum during his visit. He was invited to walk over the pitch which is not normally allowed to do. He was taken to the VIP box to get a view of the field to get a feel of how the game feels like when it takes place on the pitch. He was invited to come and watch any game from the VIP Box whenever he wishes to do it. He was taken to the media gallery to experience the views of the pitch as the media see it. He was interviewed by the FCB official TV channel. Later, Professor Yunus was taken to the museum and given a guided tour of the resourceful museum. The hosts took out the trophy that FCB won the 2015 World Club Football Championship last December. He also took photos of one of Messi's five gold footballs. FCB is home to the two greatest players alive today Leonil Messi of Argentina and Neymar of Brazil. The Vice President of the Club said they are honored to host Professor Yunus and searches buy uk viagra would like to learn from him about how to bring a smile to people especially kids faces through football.

Yunus Proposes Social Orientation to Olympic Games

To read the news in Bangla ইউনূস অলিম্পিক গেমসের সামাজিক অভিমুখীনতার প্রস্তাব করলেন

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhamamd Yunus and President Thomas Bach of IOC shake hands in front of the historical Olympic flag designed and created in 1914 by father of modern Olympics Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France. The five colors of the rings represent the colors most commonly used  in nearly all the flags of the world. Photo: IOC/Christoph Muratal

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was invited by president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach for a discussion with him and visit the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at Lausanne, Switzerland when Professor Yunus met Mr Bach one year ago. In response Professor Yunus visited him on January 24-25 at Lausanne.

On arrival Professor Yunus was greeted by President Bach who gave him a two hour personal tour of the Olympic Museum. President Bach himself explained the history and significance each item on display. President Bach took over in September 2015, and is the first ever President who is also a Olympic Gold Medalist. Mr Bach won the gold medal in fencing in 1976. The Museum contains highly interactive and informative exhibits.  This highly impressive Olympic World Exhibition informs visitors of the history of the ancient Olympic Games and the rebirth of the modern Games in the 19th century. Highlights include a display of various Olympic torches, as well as video documenting major moments in the history of opening ceremonies.  Olympic medals are also on display.

The modern Olympic Games was founded by Pierre de Coubertin who almost single handedly shaped what became the leading international sporting event featuring summer and winter sports competitions. The Olympic Games are considered to be the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating.

Yunus and Indian Finance Minister discuss finance for the poor

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus had a meeting with  Union Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley at his invitation  to discuss programs for the poor in India on 21 January in Davos during the World Economic Forum. Photo: Lamiya Morshed/Yunus Centre)

Davos, January 21
Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was invited by the Union Finance Minister of India Finance Minister ArunJaitley for a one-on-one meeting in Davos  on Thursday 21 January during the World Economic Forum. The two held a 40-minute meeting during which the Minister discussed with Professor Yunus about the programs being implemented through Mudra Bank which has recently been established by the Indian government to provide refinancing facility to microcredit and statistics cialis testimonial SME loans to micro-entrepreneurs. Professor Yunus used the opportunity to thank the minister for taking the bold decision to give banking licences to microcredit NGOs, saying that is the most appropriate step to take reach financial services to the poorest. He also praised the new  CSR Law introduced in India whereby business have to set aside 2% of their profits towards CSR activities. Professor Yunus urged Minister Jaitley to include social business in the list of activities which can be funded by the CSR money.

The Minister elaborated about the government program to encourage unemployed youth into entrepreneurs. He said more than one lakh young people have already been reached by this programme. Professor Yunus briefed the Minister on microcredit programs around the world. He gave an overview of the expansion of social business concept around the world, including India. The Minister was particularly interested to get the details of social business program in Bangladesh which is turning unemployed youth into entrepreneurs and wanted to understand the difference between the Indian program and the Bangladeshi programs.

Yunus meets Canada Premier Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at a reception hosted by the Prime Minister  at Davos to discuss about international development

Nobel laureate Professor Yunus was invited to a reception hosted by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to have a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister gave a glowing tribute to Yunus for his global contribution for poor women and his long association with microcredit programs in Canada, which were inspired by his work in Bangladesh. Prime Minister Trudeau recollected his visit to Bangladesh accompanying  his father in 1983, when he was only 12 years old. He especially mentioned his visit to Chittagong. Professor Yunus invited him to visit Bangladesh again. They discussed the North American Social Business Forum which will be held in Ottawa on 28 September 2016. The Prime Minister invited Professor Yunus to visit Canada so that they can discuss policy issues to help the under reached population of Canada also about the Canadian development assistance program.  He promised to provide all his support to the social business movement in Canada.

During their meeting singer and poverty activist Bono and Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey joined the discussion to give their views on International Development Program.

During the reception Yunus also held a  one on one discussion with  Finance Minister Bill Morneau who is a friend Professor Yunus and was a member of a reception committee to honour Professor Yunus in Toronto two years ago. He also had a discussion with Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, Minister of Innovation, Science and www.mapaction.org Economic Development Navdeep Singh Bain and and foreign trade minister. The Ministers all invited Yunus to visit Canada.

Yunus made Member of SDG Advocacy Group by Ban Ki Moon

The members of the just announced UN SDG Advocates Group with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in Davos on January 21. From left to right, British filmmaker and activist Richard Curtis, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, HM Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Libyan activist Alaa Murabit,  Professor Muhammad Yunus, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, President Mahama of Ghana, Ambassador Dho from South Korea

January 21, Davos

The UN Secretary General made nobel laureate Professor Yunus as a member of the  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG ) Advocacy Group for the promotion and implementation of the Sustainabile Development Goals. These goals were adopted last September during the UN General Assembly.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announced the formation of the Advocacy Group at Davos Open Forum. This Group has been entrusted with the responsibility to advise him and  work with him to make sure SDGs become a household term all over the world, and that ordinary people can implement the decisions in their everyday lives.

The UN secretary general announced that the group will be co chaired by Prime minister of Ghana Mahama and the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg. Professor Muhammad Yunus, Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Ambassador Dho of Korea were already working as MDG Advocates and were invited by the Secretary General to become SDG advocates for their powerful advocacy efforts. The new advocates invited by UN SG to join are Chinese businessman Jack Ma, Queen Mathilde of Belgium, CEO of Unilever Paul Polman Argentinian football Lionel Messi, pop singer Shakira, actor Forest Whittaker, British filmmaker and activist Richard Curtis.

In his remarks during the announcement Professor Yunus said that the world had to rethink and www.cathalac.org recreate the economic framework and institutions that had created poverty and other social problems that these problems could be resolved permanently, and that it was necessary to involve the youth in order to achieve this.

Earlier in the day Professor Yunus participated in a Panel on "Regions in Transformation : South Asia" with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan, Ranil Wickremesinghe Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, and President of Asian Development Bank.

He also participated in a special breakfast panel on women's empowerment organized by Seneca women and met with Ouided Bouchamaoui Nobel Peace Prize winner from Tunisia to discuss Yunus social business programs in that country.

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