Yunus returns home among joyful colleagues holding Olympic Torch

Yunus Centre Press Release

Dhaka, August 11, 2016

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus returned to Dhaka. His colleagues gave him a rousing welcome.

He addressed the welcoming crowd to share his experiences at the mega global event. He narrated the experience of being the Olympic Torchbearer and of addressing the annual meeting of the International Olympic Committee. He also briefed them about progress made by Yunus Social Business Brazil, a social business company which operates in 13 states out of 27 states in Brazil. They just launched a social business fund of USD 10 million in the presence of Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Professor Yunus took pictures with his colleagues in his Olympic uniform holding up the Olympic Torch and displaying the three fingers for three Zero goals that he is promoting globally.

Photo Credit: Nasir Ali Mamun/Yunus Centre

Dinner in Honour of Yunus by Mayor of Paris

Yunus Centre Press Release (August 10, 2016)

With Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo and three time Olympic gold medallist Tony Estanguet at a dinner hosted by the Mayor in honor of Professor Yunus on August 7, 2016

Mayor Anne Hidalgo hosted a dinner for Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. The dinner took place at the magnificent Club de France, the French Olympic House during the Rio 2016 games. During the dinner she requested Professor Yunus to advise her on addressing the problem poverty in St Denis, the northern poor section of Paris city. She invited the top executives of  National Olympic Committee (NOC) to join in the dinner.

She requested them to put the support of the NOC to collaborate with Yunus to make his work successful. This work will also include helping the retired athletes to find dignified professions. She invited  Professor Yunus to visit Paris soon to discuss the details of the collaboration. Professor invited the Mayor to visit Bangladesh to attend Social Business Day in June, 2017 to get an orientation on the social businesses around the world.

The dinner was joined by the top executives of the National Olympic Committee including Mr Tony Estanguet, Co-President of the Paris 2024 Candidate Committee and three time Olympic gold medallist canoeist, Etienne Thobois, the CEO of the Committee for Candidate city of Paris for 2024, They were also joined by the President and Vice President of the French National Olympic Committees.

Mayor of Paris invited Professor Yunus to come to Paris as her guest to familiarize himself with the problems of St Denis, and hold meetings with all stakeholders to design a social business program  to transform St Denis.

Professor Yunus assured the Mayor that he would try to visit Paris soon. He also informed her that he would be in Paris on November 9-10 for the Global Social Business Academia Conference. He would plan to spend some additional days in St Denis.

Photo Caption 2: Guests at the dinner by Mayor of Paris in Honor of Professor Yunus on August 7 including from left to right Lamiya Morshed, Anne Hidalgo Mayor  Prof Yunus  Etienne Thobois, President of Candidate City Paris 2024, NIcolas Hazard CEO Comptoir D'Innovation Fund, Tony Estanguet (French triple gold medallist canoeist) Hans Reitz Christina Jaeger

Professor Yunus Attends Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony as Official Guest

Yunus Centre Press Release (08 August, 2016)

Professor Yunus attended the opening of Rio Olympic games in special VIP box as honored guest of IOC president Thomas Bach. Photo: Lamiya Morshed/Yunus Centre

Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus was a honored guest of International Olympic Committee at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Games on evening of 5 August at Maracasna stadium in Rio de Janeiro. He watched the spectacular four hour long program which included the march past of the Olympic team from  Bangladesh to three billion audience who were watching the event throughout world. Professor Yunus was enjoying this breathtaking opening ceremony from the VIP gallery along with Sachin Tendulkar, and professor Yunus's friends, such as former Greek Prime Minister Papandreou, and Michelle Jean, former Governor General of Canada.

Earlier in the day he visited the Olympic Broadcasting Service, a massive temporary broadcasting facility built Olympic media centre. CEO of the Centre Yiannis Exarchos received him and gave an one hour guided tour personally acting as the tour guide to show the state of the art television and broadcasting technology installed within this structure.

"Whole Nation can be Proud of Abdullah" : Yunus

Yunus Centre Press Release (09 August, 2016)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus with Bangladeshi shooter Abdullahil baki. Professor Yunus was present at his event to cheer for him at the Rio Olympics.

Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus went to give support to Bangladeshi  athelet Abdullahil baki was competing in the qualifying round of the mens 10 metre air rifle shooting  at the Deodoro Olympic Shooting park. Abdullah's performance was top order during the first of 60 shots. He was in fourth position among all contestants. Bangladeshi supporters were excited about his prospect of making the finalists of eight contestants.     In the end  he could not enter the final  but his performance was ahead of many participants from leading countries in the game. The whole nation can feel proud of his performance.

Professor Yunus congratulated  Abdullah immediately  after the end of the qualifying round along with other Bangladeshi well-wishers at the Deodoro Olympic Shooting Park

Caption 1: Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus with the members of Bangladesh Olympic Team.

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Yunus With Cricket Legend Sachin at Rio Olympics

Yunus Centre Press Release

Professor Yunus met star cricketer  Sachin Tendulkar in Rio today. Prof Yunus urged him to get involved in youth and invited him to upcoming India social business forum. Prof Yunus also told the player that his 100th century was played just across the Grameen Bank office. Sachin talked about the great strides that Bangladesh team had made and especially praised the performance if Shakib Al Hasan. Tendulkar like Prof Yunus is also attending the Olympics at the invitation of the  IOC. Photo: Lamiya Morshed/Yunus Centre.

Rio, Aug 7, 2016

Nobel laureate Professor Yunus met cricket legend  Sachin Tendulkar in Rio. They were in the VIP box of the stadium watching opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. They told each other how much they have been admiring each other over the years. During their conversation Professor Yunus mentioned to him that he reached his amazing record of 100th century at the stadium in Dhaka just across the Grameen Bank Building. Tendulkar fondly remembered the occasion. This is one of the highest points in his career.

Professor Yunus at one point wanted to know how he plans to spend his life after the conclusion of his glorious cricket career. He said he is trying to devote himself focusing on social work. Professor told him what a great social force he is. He inspires billions people in all age groups in all cricket-loving countries. Professor urged him to use his power to bring changes in lives of people at the bottom. His manager Narayan said he read Professor's book long time back and got very excited about the new frontier of using creative power to do things in ways which were never tried before.

Professor Yunus invited Tendulkar to participate in the Social Business Country Forum of India to be held in Mumbai on November 18-19 this year and Social Business Day in Dhaka on June 28-29, 2017, and visit social businesses created in Bangladesh over many years. Tendulkar expressed deep interest in social business events in India and and Bangladesh. He wishes to follow up on this discussion and expressed his desire to work with Professor Yunus to promote social business concept and actions in India.

On development of cricket in Bangladesh Tendulkar was upbeat on the fast strides that Bangladesh team had made. He especially praised the performance of Shakib Al Hasan. He made very positive comments on Bangladeshi players. He encouraged that they should continue to play with top international teams in order to continue their their impressive record.

Tendulkar is attending the Olympics at the invitation of the  IOC.

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