Yunus addresses Tata Group CEOs and Top Executives in Bhubaneshwar : What Kind of Future We Want --Yunus

Press Release (10 January, 2017)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus  addressing the CEOs and top executives  of some 240 Tata companies who had assembled in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India at the Tata Sustainability Conclave Conference on Future- Proof Business on January 9, 2017.

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus  on January 9, 2017 addressed  the CEOs and top executives  of some 240 Tata companies who had assembled in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa, India at the Tata Sustainability Conclave Conference on Future- Proof Business.

During the speech  Professor Yunus raised the question which future are we talking about? Should  we prepare ourselves to fit ourselves into a future which was created by forces beyond our control, or we purposefully create a future to fit us. The real question is what kind of future we want and how do we create it? 

Chandigarh University Appoints Yunus as a Member of its Executive Council and Confers Honorary Doctorate

Press Release (09 January, 2017)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is being conferred Honorary Doctorate by the Chancellor Mr.  Santam Sing Sandhu and Vice Chancellor Dr. R. S. Bawa at  Chandigarh University Convocation Ceremony on January 8, 2017 in Punjab, India.

Professor Yunus was invited to Chandigarh University, Punjab, India at the Convocation Ceremony of the university on January 8, 2017.   He was invited by the Chancellor of the University to join its Executive Council which is the highest policy-making body of the university. Professor Yunus attended the ceremony as the convocation speaker and he was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Science degree.

On arrival at the university, the Vice Chancellor and senior faculty received Professor Yunus in the manner of Punjabi tradition of festivities.The entire campus was decorated with festoons displaying his portraits. The Vice Chancellor gave a presentation on the university detailing all the achievements and grand accomplishments in past years. He particularly focused on the innovative curricula of the university which is drawing the attention of international students from twenty countries.  Professor Yunus had an intensive discussion session with the VC, Pro-VC, Members of the Executive Council, Dean of Business School and other senior faculty, on the role of the university for building the future generations.  Vice Chancellor announced in the meeting that a Yunus Centre for Social Business will be established in the university in collaboration with Yunus Centre of Bangladesh. Besides offering social business courses, this Centre will hold a National Forum on Social Business each year at various locations in India.

Andhra University Creates Yunus Social Business Centre

Press Release (07 January, 2017)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus is being ceremonially honoured during the observation of the 90th anniversary of Andhra University , Vishakhapatnam, India and the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Peace prize of Professor Yunus.

Andhra University , Vishakhapatnam , India received Professor Yunus on 5 January as Chief Guest in its three day observation of the  90th anniversary of the university and the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Peace prize of Professor Yunus . On this occasion a symposium on Social Business for Sustainable development was organized . Professor Yunus gave the keynote speech  in the inaugural session. Before his speech the Human Development Minister of Andhra Pradesh Ganta Srinivasa Rao and the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Nageshwara Rao  welcomed Professor Yunus and declared that the university is in the process of creating a Yunus Centre of Social Business as an interdepartmental facility to take up research on social business and to inspire young entrepreneurs in it. Professor Raghu Babu on behalf of the organizers explained the inspiration by Prof. Yunus's ideas and actions that led the university to make this decision.

Attended not only by the faculty and students of the university but also the academia and young students from nearby districts attended Prof. Yunus's very inspiring speech. He narrated how the idea of social business spread out and how can Andhra University play an important role in it. He also emphasised that the social business model will bring about a qualitative change for the better across the world, not just for Third World countries. Exhorting youngsters to turn entrepreneurs rather than job-seekers, Yunus said south asian countries can make use of the demographic dividend if the spirit of entrepreneurship is inculcated in the youth.

Professor Yunus: Life is to be creative until the last day

Yunus Centre Press Release (08 January. 2017)

At the joint 90th Aniversary Symposium  of Andhra University in Visakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh , and 10th Anniversary  of his Nobel Peace Prize celebrated by this university, Professor  Yunus spoke on how to  create a social business in a creative way to solve any social problem. In his speech  he took the problem of old age and emphasised ( the fact) that it is not a question of looking after the old people, but rather to facilitate them to be creative and work on the things they love to do for the benefit of others. According to Professor Yunus one should retire the very word 'retirement'. Any person, young or old, can be an entrepreneur at any time of his or life. Instead of calling it by the psychologically damaging word 'retirement' he said a preferable way to call it is  'Phase Two' of life. After the first phase of life one can begin a second phase any time he or she likes  investing one's  life's aquirements (what is this word? )for the good of the society. He said that the young can do that too by taking up the option of creating jobs rather than seeking jobs.

He further stated that  our financial system today is busy financing those businesses which are generating personal profits, and that it was  high time for it to finance(s) the social  business start-ups (, he argued). Already initiatives have been taken up for this in various parts of the world. Professor  Yunus mentioned two specific cases of social business funds in India  created in Bangalore and Mumbai through individual initiative. It is this wide participation of young social entrepreneurs that can stop and reverse the dangerous trend of concentration of wealth.

Professor Yunus addresses Indian Science Congress and Challenges the Scientists to devise Technology Exclusively to Solve People's Problems

Press Release (05 January 2017)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus addressing a plenary session of the 104th Indian Science Congress on January 4, 2017. The congress is being held at Sri Venkateswaran University in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Professor Yunus addressed a plenary session of the 104th Indian Science Congress on 4 January. The huge auditorium of Sri Venkateswaran University in Tirupati , Andhra Pradesh , the venue of the congress, was full to the brim with scientists, students and others coming from all over India. Professor Yunus in his hour-long speech explained the latest progress of the social business all over the world and especially in India. He explained the finer points of this concept of non-dividend business to solve social problem. In a hall full of India's brightest young scientists and young technologists he asked them to be entrepreneurs, not job seekers and create new ideas in social business so as to banish forever poverty, unemployment, carbon emission - the three zeros advocated by him. tellyseries