Yunus, AfDB launch 'Social Business'in Africa


Prof Dr Muhammad Yunus said no one should be unemployed, no problem can remain unresolved. Africa is one of the regions with the highest potential for Social Business.

He expressed his hope that Africa would be future source of food and energy for the whole world. There is no reason for Africa not to pick up the double digit growth rate across the whole continent.

Dr Yunus was speaking as the keynote speaker at the closing luncheon for governors of the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) during the 2013 annual meeting of the Governing Board of the AfDB in Marrakesh, Morocco recently, said a press statement.

Prof Yunus was invited by the president of the AfDB there.

Earlier, Mr Yunus was a keynote speaker at a high level seminar on 'Social Business' organised by the Human Development Department of the AfDB. The seminar was moderated by Richard Attias, founder of The New York Forum. Over 600 participants attended the seminar.

Yunus launches social business initiatives in Brazil

Prof-Yunus 0Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus launched a number of social business initiatives in Brazil during his visit there from May 27- 29.

The Bank of America announced the creation of a Yunus Social Business Fund for Brazil during his stay.

ESPM, a leading business school in Brazil, also launched Yunus Social Business Centre which will develop academic curricula around social business.

Brazil Foods (BRF), one of the largest poultry companies in the world, has announced a joint-venture social business in Haiti for developing poultry business in the earthquake affected island.

During his stay, Yunus also met a high-level delegation from the government of Brazilian State of Para to launch a series of social businesses in the impoverished Amazonas region.

On 23 May, Yunus had inaugurated the first Euro-Asia Business Forum in Istanbul. The event was attended by entrepreneurs, social innovators, leading experts from corporations, civil society members, government officials and the academia from Asia and Europe.

“The Istanbul Social Business Charter” was signed by the forum participants with a commitment for each participant to create one tangible social business over the next twelve months.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Professor Muhammad Yunus’s Acceptance Speech in the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony

Date: 17 April 2013
Venue: Rotunda, Capitol Hill
Time: 11:51 hrs-12:07hrs

CGMspeech PMY

What an amazing experience for any human being. All the beautiful words are spoken about me and my work by the leaders of this great country. I just can't hold my tears. All my life I was trying to tell people what I felt to be important. Trying to draw attention to my thoughts and actions. Today I come to this hall; I get all the attention I can think of. I hear the endorsement in the loudest voice, in the most powerful voice possible.

What Obama Needs to Tell Myanmar’s Leader

Published: May 20, 2013
Source: New York Times

President Thein Sein of Myanmar is in Washington this week, the first Burmese head of state to visit since the military dictator Gen. Ne Win in 1966.

Much has changed since 1966. Fifty years of direct military rule have ended, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is out of house arrest and sits in Parliament, along with 42 of her colleagues from the National League for Democracy, and hundreds of political prisoners — including the most prominent dissidents — have been released.

Preliminary, fragile cease-fires have been reached with most ethnic armed resistance groups, and in Yangon and other major cities there is greater space for civil society, more freedom for the media and more opportunity for political actors. The first steps toward freedom are being taken.

When dictators unclench their fists, they should be met with an outstretched hand. The international community is right to bring Myanmar in from the cold, to engage reformers and to support the process of democratization with expertise and encouragement.

সাভার ট্র্যাজেডি, পোশাকশিল্প ও বাংলাদেশ

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pmy1১.০ সাভার ট্র্যাজেডি জাতি হিসেবে আমাদের ব্যর্থতার প্রতীক। রানা প্লাজার ফাটল ফেটে ভবন ধসে দেখিয়ে দিলো আমাদের রাষ্ট্রীয় ব্যবস্থায় যে বিশাল ফাটল ধরেছে সেটা আমলে না নিলে জাতিও এরকম ধসের ভেতর হারিয়ে যাবে।

রানা প্লাজায় মৃতদের আত্মা আজ আমাদের কর্মকাণ্ড দেখছে, আমাদের আলোচনা শুনছে। আত্মাদের দীর্ঘশ্বাস আমাদের সর্বক্ষণ ঘিরে আছে।

এই ভয়াবহ হত্যাকাণ্ড থেকে আমরা কি কিছু শিখলাম? নাকি শুধু মর্মান্তিক বেদনা জানিয়ে আমাদের কর্তব্য শেষ করবো।

২) আমাদের করণীয় কী?

ক) এই ঘটনা যাতে ভবিষ্যতে কোনোদিন পুনরাবৃত্তি না হয় তার জন্য কী কী করতে হবে।
খ) যারা প্রাণ হারালো, অঙ্গ হারালো, আয় হারালো তাদের জন্য আমাদের করণীয় কি?
গ) পোশাকশিল্পকে শুধু রক্ষা নয় বরং শক্তিশালী করার জন্য আমাদের কী করতে হবে।
ঘ) সাভারে শুধু শুধু ভবন ধ্বসে পড়েনি। রাষ্ট্রের সকল প্রতিষ্ঠান ধ্বসে পড়ার একটি বহিপ্রকাশ হিসেবে এই ভবন ধসে পড়েছে। ভবন ধসের বিশ্লেষন করলে আমাদের ধসে পড়া রাষ্ট্রীয় প্রতিষ্ঠানগুলোর চেহারা ধরা পড়বে। এই ধস থামাবার উপায় বের করতে হবে। tellyseries