Prof. Muhammad Yunus Launched ‘SDRS Social Business Project’

Professor Muhammad Yunus inaugurated Grameen Telecom Trust’s (GTT) very first social business project through a video conference today (1st April) at Yunus centre. The project titled ‘SDRS Social Business Project’ is based in the Gaibandha District, Bangladesh. It will focus on enhancing income of women belonging to poor households by ensuring that they get the best price for producing caps which will be exported to Oman. Prof. Yunus talked

3rd Social Business Design Lab Held at Yunus Centre

Professor Muhammad Yunus has opened the 3rd Social Business Design Lab with his introductory speech at the Yunus Centre on 23rd March 2013. Participants from different organizations at first reviewed the update of previous social business ideas and then they have presented six new social business plans like- rickshaw project for unemployed young people, NGF social business project, nirvana social business project, ID group & texeurop social business project, salt cultivation social business project and NTFP social business project. After the presentation, there was question and answering session, group discussion to include necessary recommendations and finally the participants came up with an action time frame.

Muhammad Yunus still saving people one at a time

When he arrived in Minnesota — his last stop before coming to Utah this week — Muhammad Yunus came face-to-face with Fahmida Zaman.

I imagine it would have been similar to if Henry Ford had met the children of farmers liberated from isolation by the automobile, or if Thomas Edison had looked out an airplane window at the millions of twinkling electric lights of Los Angeles after dark.

My Story of Growing up with Grameen Bank

Fahmida Zaman

I was born in a village named Bahadurpur in Rajbari where very few people value education, let alone educating girls. I was fortunate enough that my family is one of those few who value education more than anything. My mother, the first of several strong women who have been influencing my life, always told me “education is the best thing we can give you.”  My father, another great influence, planted in my head from childhood that “never forget your responsibility to your people, do something for your society and country.”

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