November visit to Germany Events


Official formation of Grameen Creative Lab (Wiesbaden)
Professor Yunus will be present to sign the official papers formalizing the creation of the Grameen Creative Lab in Wiesbaden, Germany - the result of a Joint Venture between the Yunus Centre and circ responsibility. The Yunus Centre will own 51% of this social business, which will be registered as a GmbH (Limited) under German law.


Wiesbaden Responsibility Forum & Public Event (Wiesbaden)
The Wiesbaden Responsibility Forum brings together 30-40 top representatives from the business and political community. The purpose of the Forum is to discuss how to design a more sustainable economy. Prof. Yunus will open the Forum by giving a speech on social business as a sustainable economic model, followed by an interactive discussion, including drafting recommendations considering the current situation of the global economy. Innovative insights resulting from the discussion will presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos by Prof. Yunus. The patronage of the Wiesbaden Responsibility Forum is adopted by the city of Wiesbaden and its mayor Dr. Helmut Müller. The event is organised by the Grameen Creative Lab.

Also later that evening there will be a public event at the Schloss Freudenberg at 8pm, where Prof. Yunus will give a speech "A World without Poverty". More details are available here.


Global Perspectives (Berlin)
Global Perspectives is the first annual conference for leaders of international civil society organizations. The Forum connects civil society organizations, enabling them to work together more effectively at a global level in order to strengthen their contribution to combating the current crisis. With the title "Decisive Action in Times of Global Crisis", the conference will be a highly interactive event. Among the events will be a panel discussion "Climate Change, Poverty and Human Rights: People suffering in the Global Crisis", Chaired by Professor Yunus, Irene Khan (Secretary General, Amnesty International), Walter Fust (Director General, Global Humanitarian Forum) and Hans-Joacheim Schellnhuber (Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research). The meeting is organized by the Berlin Civil Society Center. The Director of GCL, Saskia Bruysten, will also be co-chairing a session on Friday entitled, "Social business: civil society's answer to the crisis?".


Global Grameen Meeting (Wolfsburg)
The Autostadt in Wolfsburg is hosting the first of what will become an annual event, the Global Grameen Meeting. This involves the coming together of representatives from worldwide institutions, corporations, universities and foundations that are either already, in the planning stages of, or hope to become associated with Grameen. The purpose of this meeting is to share experiences with one another in the field of social business, and strengthen the cooperation within the Grameen family of businesses.


Vision Summit (Berlin)
The Vision Summit is Germany's largest conference on social business. It will be held at the Free University of Berlin with a keynote speech by Prof. Yunus, and panel discussions organised by the Genisis Institute. Registration is expected to reach up to 1,200, with participants including leaders from the world of business, politics, civil society and academia, students and young professionals, as well as investors of all types. The slogan of the Vision Summit this year is: "SOCIAL BUSINESS - ANOTHER WALL TO FALL".


20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Berlin)
The "Festival of Freedom" will celebrate and commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and will include a live open-air music concert at Pariser Platz by the Staatskapelle Berlin, conducted by Daniel Barenboim. After the concert, the fall of the Berlin Wall will be symbolized by knocking over gigantic dominoes, in a performance that includes many artists and politicians who played a crucial role in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Guests include Nobel Peace Laureates Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev, and of course Muhammad Yunus. The event is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of participants, and will be broadcast live on TV via channel ZDF.


Meeting of Nobel Prize Laureates (Berlin)
Prof. Yunus will meet together with other Nobel Peace Laureates. Prof. Yunus together with other representatives of Nobel Peace Laureate organisations will lead a session entitled "Walls between rich and poor: breaking down the barriers between the developed and developing world". Peter Spiegel (CEO of the Genisis Institute for Social Business and Impact Strategies) will act as moderator.


People in Europe (Passau)
Prof. Yunus is invited to the event Menschen in Europa (People in Europe) held by the Passau Publishing Group - a forum for international understanding through vision, commitment, and dialogue. There he will give the opening speech, along with a podium discussion on "Social Business - Working for a Fairer World", and a dialogue talk with Jan Hofer (from the ZDF Heutejournal). Approximately 500 people are expected to attend this event tellyseries