Professor Yunus's Wish List


  • There will be a global government to resolve issues of conflict between nations, and regions; to see that all parts of the world enjoy the similar quality of life; to pay attention to global human issues; to protect the planet, and the interest of all living beings on the planet.
  • Income inequality will become an irrelevant issue everybody will get everything he/she needs.
  • There will be only one currency. Coins and papers currency will be gone.
  • The sun, water, wind will be the main sources of power.
  • No need of paper. No need to cut trees. There will be synthetic re-usable papers, in case paper is absolutely needed.
  • Social businesses will become a substantial part of the business world.
  • Information on all bank accounts anywhere in the world will be in the public domain.
  • Basic connectivity will be wireless and costless.
  • Cures and preventions will be available to each person for all known diseases.
  • All cultures, cultural groups, and religions flourish to their full beauty and creativity, all contributing to the magnificent unified orchestra of human living.
  • No war. No war preparations. No military establishment to fight wars.
  • No passport, no visa for anybody any where in the world. All people will be truly global citizens of equal status.
  • People from all nations and backgrounds have a fair chance in participating in the great adventures of human being expanding the horizons of human knowledge and creativity.
  • Man will have the capability to forecast earthquake, cyclone, Tsunami, and other natural disasters, precisely and well ahead of time.
  • Everybody will read and hear everything in his language. Technology will make it possible for a person to speak, read, and write in his own language while listener will listen and reader will read the message in his own language.  Softwares and gadgets will interpret, translate simultaneously as one speaks or downloads any text. One can watch any TV channel from any where but will listen the voice in his language.
  • Anybody can get connected to anybody else any where in the world without first looking for the telephone number or email address. Some minimum information (such as, a picture) will be enough to get him connected by voice or text.
  • Vaccines will be available for all communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, etc.).
  • Every baby will be born in perfect health. No infant mortality. No maternal mortality. tellyseries