IT can be Bangladesh's Super Highway to Prosperity

Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank
Key-note Address Delivered at the Tech-Transfer 2000 -- North America Conference
Held in Atlantic City, U.S.A. on April 28-30, 2000

Size of Bangladesh economy is very small. Size of the population of the country is very big. In the past nobody in the world noticed us because of the tiny economy. We do not show up in the world map because we do not feature as a serious market for buying or selling.

All these can change now. Bangladesh can become a familiar name in the world market if we take advantage of the new technologies, particularly Information Technology, which are changing the world dramatically. Stage is already set. In the previous decade the world has just seen the tip of these changes. Next decade will unfold scenarios which will redefine the lives of people around the world. more... tellyseries