Expanding Microcredit Outreach to Reach the Millennium Development Goal- Some Issues for Attention

Muhammad Yunus
International Seminar on Attacking Poverty with Microcredit, organized by PKSF in Dhaka, Bangladesh
January 8-9, 2003
Source: Grameen Info

Microcredit Global Picture

Microcredit Summit of 1997 set the goal to reach 100 million poorest families with microcredit, along with other financial services, preferably through the women in those families by 2005. In the recently held Microcredit Summit +5 in NY, we have just reviewed the progress towards achieving this goal during the last five years. Figures compiled by the Microcredit Summit Campaign show that by the end of 2001, more that 54 million families around the world have benefited from microcredit. Of this number, 26.8 million are among the poorest, or those who live under US $ 1 a day. This is impressive progress from 1997 when we could count only 7.6 million poorest families.  more...

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