Grameen America Celebrates its first decade

Press Release (25 September, 2017)

A gala celebration of ten years of Grameen America “A Decade of Empowerment” was held at Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) in New York City on 23 September. Grameen America was set up in 2008 inspired by Nobel Laureate professor Muhammad Yunus  completes its tenth year in 2017. It provides micro-credit to underprivileged women who do not have access to credit for income generating activities, to build a livelihood for themselves. It reached 100,000 women in 12 cities in the United States with microloans, having provided nearly one billion dollars in loans to disadvantaged groups in cities in New York, Newark , San Jose, Austin, Omaha, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Los Angeles and Boston with repayment record of 99.6 percent loan recovery and  financial  sustainibility for all 20 branches.

During the ceremony, Professor Muhammad Yunus, was honored with a Lifetime Award for his commitment and support to Grameen America. Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associated and Director Emeritus of Grameen America, his wife Barbara Dalio, Former Board member of the Bruce Museum in Connecticut, and their son Paul Dalio, Screen writer, Director and Composer, all received Founders’ Award at the event. Andrea Jung, CEO of Grameen America, also spoke at the event. Professor Yunus daughter, Monica Yunus who is a soprano with the New York Metropolitan Opera, performed at the event.The event was attended by important businesspeople and philanthropists of the city.

Grameen America announced its plan to disburse ten billion dollars to half a million borrowers through a total of 40 branches by 2028.

Earlier in the day at the MET, Professor Yunus was a speaker at the ‘Fast Forward Women’s Innovation Forum’ hosted by the cofounders of Seneca Women, Melanne Verveer and Kim Azzarelli. There was an onstage discussion between Professor Yunus and Chelsea Clinton on the role of women in accelerating development.  Seneca Women is a global women strategy firm built with the aim of advancing girls and women for a thriving world.

During his visit Professor Yunus spoke at “We the Future: Accelerating Sustainable Business Solutions,” an event jointly hosted by UN Foundation, Skoll Foundation and TED at the TED Theatre.Professor Yunus gave a keynote address on ‘Social Business and Disruptive Technologies to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’ at an event hosted by MakeSense, a France based youth organization for social change.

Professor Yunus is in the US for attending UN and other meetings  and releasing his new book  "A World of Three Zeroes". He will be travelling to several  cities to speak at events organised by local organisations  around  the release  of his  book starting in New York on 25 September and continuing on to Chicago,  Miami, Austin, Dallas,  San Francisco,  silicon valley, Seattle, and Washington DC.


Yunus Urges French President to address Rohingya Crisis

Press Release (20 September, 2017)

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus exchanging  greetings with  President Emmanuel Macron of France. They had a meeting on the sidelines of the Summit to launch of the Global Pact for the Environment to which Professor Yunus was invited to by President Macron.

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus yesterday met French president Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of UN meetings urged him to play an active role as permanent member of the UN Security Council to bring pressure on the Myanmar government to end the Rohingya crisis. They met after the Head of Government Climate Meeting at the United Nation Head Quarter in New York where Professor Yunus was personally invited by President Macron. Professor Yunus thanked President Macron for supporting Bangladesh in the Rohingya crisis and appealed to him to put full pressure on Myanmar to stop the ethnic cleansing and violence, return Rohingyas back to Myanmar and grant them full citizenship. Professor Yunus briefed Mr Macron about the terrible circumstances under which 400,000 Rohingya refugees mostly women and children have fled to Bangladesh in the past few weeks.

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Joins Open Letter to UN Security Council to intervene to end the Human Crisis in Rakhine

Press Release, Date: 19 September, 2017

Complete list of signatories till 19 September, 2017

Nobel Laureate Economist  Professor Amartya Sen today in a letter to Yunus Centre sent his willingness  to add his name  to the list of signatories to the UNSC letter to intervene to end the human crisis in Rakhine, Myanmar.

Professor Sen wrote to Professor Yunus that he does not usually add his name to joint statements but that the ‘the atrocity in Burma on the Rohingyas is so intolerably – and so uniquely – barbaric that I have to sign the letter”, and requested to add his name urgently to the list.

Separately,  Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia wrote to Yunus Centre that he is proud to add his name to the list, and was joined by Arif Naqvi, Middle East  based business leader and philanthropist who also sent his readiness to add his name to the letter.

More Global Citizens Sign the Open Letter To UN Security Council To Intervene To End The Human Crisis In Rakhine, Myanmar

More Global Citizens Sign the Open Letter To UN Security Council To Intervene To End The Human Crisis In Rakhine, Myanmar

Since the release of the Open Letter to UN Security Council on 13 September, six more eminent global citizens including Bono musician, activist and founder of, Richard Curtis writer and activist, Salman Khan education pioneer and founder of Khan Academy, Asma Jahangir human rights activist, Shabana Azmi actor and activist and  Javed Akhtar poet and lyricist all sent their names to Yunus Centre to be added to the list of signatories to the open letter to the UNSC calling for its immediate intervention to end the human crisis in Rakhine, Myanmar. They join 12 Nobel Laureates, Professor Yunus, Archbishop Tutu and Malala Yousafzai among them and 15 others global leaders including Gro Brundtland Former Prime Minister of Norway and Mary Robinson Former President of Ireland; former government ministers, business leaders, philanthropists and SDG advocates. The full text of the statement and list of signatories are given below:

An Open Letter by 12 Nobel Laureates and 18 Eminent Global Citizens to United Nations Security Council to end the Rohingya crisis

Rohingya Crisis is Deteriorating Very Fast


Date: 13 September, 2017

Dear President and Members of the Security Council,

Thank you for holding the UNSC meeting on Rohingya crisis most likely on September 13.

The human tragedy and crimes against humanity unfolding in the Arakan region of Myanmar need your immediate intervention. This is one of the moments when bold and decisive actions are needed.

According to different organizations, recent military offensive by the Myanmar Army in Rakhine State has led to the killing of hundreds of Rohingya people. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Complete villages have been burned, women raped, many civilians arbitrarily arrested, and children killed. Crucially, humanitarian aid organisations have been almost completely denied access, creating an appalling humanitarian crisis in an area already extremely poor. According to UN sources, around 300,000 people have fled to Bangladesh during the last two weeks. Human misery created by such massive displacement of men, women and children under the threat of death is getting worse every day. tellyseries