Sixth Social Business Day Held with Focus on Youth Unemployment

6th Social Business Day 2015 kicks off with a beautiful performance by the little jewels from Grameen Shikkha (Slum) School, Photo: Nasir Ali Mamun/ Yunus Centre

The 6th annual Social Business Day organized by Yunus Centre held today, May 28, 2015 with the theme of “We Are Not Job-Seekers, We Are Job-Givers—Turning Unemployment into Entrepreneurship” at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC), Dhaka.

The event hosted by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was attended by more than 1600 participants, among them over 250 international participants from 30 countries. Professor Muhammad Yunus gave the keynote speech. In his speech Professor Yunus emphasized on breaking the curse of poverty and unemployment by using creative power of youths and scientific knowhow.

There was a Social Business Marketplace which showcases the products and programmes of social business. As a highlight, there was a special Mela or fair of Nobin Udyokta's (new entrepreneurs) products which displayed at the marketplace. There was three plenary sessions including Meet the Nobin Udyoktas, Sharing Experiences in Social Business around the World, and the Road Map Forward, with speakers from around the world giving their insights and programmes in discussions moderated by Professor Muhammad Yunus.

There was a special panel on Social Business in Greater China. This year about 90 participants attended from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These panel sessions covered concept and best practices, present status, future plans of social business around the globe and enabled a rich interaction among speakers.

The Social Business Day is observed every year on June 28. This year because of Ramadan the date has been shifted forward to May 28. Next year, also for the same reason, the Day will be celebrated on May 28, 2016.

Professor Muhammad Yunus delivered key note speech on the occasion of 6th Social Business Day 2016, Photo: Nasir Ali Manun / Yunus Centre

Yunus Centre’s Response to News Reports about Comments Reportedly Made by Honorable Prime Minister about Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus

Several daily newspapers have reported  Honorable Prime Minister's alleged remarks about  Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on 5 May, 2015 at the meeting of the Executive Committee of National Economic Council.  

We have been shocked by the alleged comments, since they are both incorrect and misleading. We hope that the Honorable PM did not actually make these comments, but we are responding to each of the quotes attributed to her, since they have been published widely.

Honorable Prime Minister (as quoted in news report):  Dr. Yunus influenced Hillary Clinton to cancel the fund for Padma Bridge from World Bank due to the conflict with me and my government. He is harmful to the nation.

Our response: Professor Muhammad Yunus had already given a statement, when Honorable PM first made the allegation, stating that Padma Bridge is a dream of the people of Bangladesh, and that he would never stand in the way to realize that dream.  It is therefore out of the question that Professor Yunus asked Hillary Clinton to use her influence to cancel the Padma bridge loan. He would never do such a thing against the interest of Bangladesh. It is shocking that Honorable PM is quoted as making such a statement without presenting any proof of the truth of such a statement.

Professor Yunus has dedicated his life to creating institutions that work for the people of Bangladesh. His work and contributions have been recognized throughout the world through the award of Nobel Peace Prize and many other prizes.  He has always promoted Bangladesh and its successes, and has helped to put Bangladesh on the map as a model for development and poverty reduction. To state that he is harmful to the nation is very unfortunate.

Women Entrepreneurs take the lead at 71st Social Business Design Lab

16th April, 2015

Grameen Shakti Shamajik Byabosha signed  MOUs to invest into the  businesses of six Nobin Udyoktas, all women entrepreneurs, at today's Social Business Design Lab.

Grameen Shakti Shamajik Byabosha signed MOUs to invest into the businesses of six Nobin Udyoktas, all women entrepreneurs, at today's Social Business Design Lab

The 71st Social Business Design Lab organized by Yunus Centre took place on 16 April 2015 at the Grameen Bank Bhaban. The half day long program was chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, and brought together more than 130 participations from Bangladesh and abroad coming  from diverse backgrounds.

Professor Yunus welcomed the participants to the Lab and updated the audience  that 885 social business projects had been  presented in the 70 labs organized to date since January 2013, of which 860 had been approved for investment, most of which were already in operation. He said that we would soon cross the 1000 invested projects mark.

At the 71st Lab held today, six new Nobin Udyokta - new entrepreneurs from Grameen Bank families - presented their business plans. Remarkably, four of the six entrepreneurs presenting today were young women.


Financial Times chose Professor Muhammed Yunus as one six Finance Pioneers of all time. In the March 31, 2015 issue in an article entitled "Business Pioneers in Finance" Professor Yunus has been placed alongside Warren Buffett, Amadeo Giannini, Henry Kravis, John Pierpont Morgan, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild as greatest business finance pioneers of all time. The article describes how financial innovation seems to be all around us today yet, it’s not only technology that shapes it, but it's rather about how a few pioneers in finance chose their investments and expanded credit.


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New social business launched at 61st Social Business Design Lab

Rina Aktar who is a Nobin Udyokta (New Entrepreneurs) presents her Rina Dairy Farm business plan at 61st Social Business  Design Lab. Rina was approved to receive BDT 2,55,000 from Grameen Kalyan as equity to expand her dairy farm.

The 61st Social Business Design Lab organized by Yunus Centre took place on 16 March 2015. As usual the half day long program was chaired Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and brought together 160 participants from home and abroad.

This lab presented six new Nobin Udyokta (new entrepreneurs from second generation of Grameen Bank borrowers) business plans, among them three young women and three young men. The three young women at the lab presented a beauty parlor business, a cow fatterning business and a variety store business respectively. These three, Rina, Shohagi and Josna each presented their business plans confidently to the gathered audience and fielded questions, including technical ones, from members of the audience about the details of their business plan.  Years ago their mothers had been living on the margins of society and began their journey with tiny loans. Grameen Bank has not only changed the lives of its women borrowers but also  the life trajectory of  their future generations. tellyseries