Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen Joins Open Letter to UN Security Council to intervene to end the Human Crisis in Rakhine

Press Release, Date: 19 September, 2017

Complete list of signatories till 19 September, 2017

Nobel Laureate Economist  Professor Amartya Sen today in a letter to Yunus Centre sent his willingness  to add his name  to the list of signatories to the UNSC letter to intervene to end the human crisis in Rakhine, Myanmar.

Professor Sen wrote to Professor Yunus that he does not usually add his name to joint statements but that the ‘the atrocity in Burma on the Rohingyas is so intolerably – and so uniquely – barbaric that I have to sign the letter”, and requested to add his name urgently to the list.

Separately,  Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia wrote to Yunus Centre that he is proud to add his name to the list, and was joined by Arif Naqvi, Middle East  based business leader and philanthropist who also sent his readiness to add his name to the letter.


The letter to the UN Security Council signed by Nobel Laureates and global eminent citizens was sent on 13 September. It was signed by 12 Nobel Laureates and 21 opinion leaders from around the world. The addition of Professor Sen, Mr. Wales and Mr Naqvi brings the total to 36 signatories including 13 Nobel Laureates.  The updated list of signatories is attached for your kind reference. tellyseries