Grameen in America


World food prices have been rising for long. They had more than doubled within the last two years and within a year the price index of the Economist of London has registered a rise of 54.1 per cent. The process continues to the glee of those who are growing food crops.

A Capitalist Jolt for Charity

New York Times

IN the summer of 2005, Miles Gilburne and Nina Zolt had long talks over dinner in their Washington home about what to do next. For more than six years, Mr. Gilburne, a former AOL executive, and his wife, Ms. Zolt, a former lawyer, had supported a philanthropy that used books and online tools to enhance skills of inner-city students.

MIT's South Asian Commencement Speaker

Bangladeshi to become Bangladeshi to become MIT’s first South Asian commencement speaker Muhammad Yunus, microcredit pioneer who won 2006 Nobel Prize By JULIE MASIS

Muhammad Yunus will give MIT’s commencement speech this year. tellyseries