Bangladeshi banker to the poor turns the tables on the West

Vancouver Sun

It's a shop-worn cliché at best -- the white man trekking off to distant corners of the world to enlighten or enrich. The rich world's better aid and development agencies well know the best help is often to be found far from head office, and the best ideas are apt to come from staff who are plugged into the places and the cultures where they work.

Small Loans, Significant Impact

After Success in Poor Nations, Grameen Bank Tries New York
Washington Post
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NEW YORK -- "Señoras!" calls the banker, summoning her borrowers to attention at their first loan-repayment meeting.

Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times:  Yunus urges Bangladeshi workers to abide by rules and regulations in force in Saudi

JEDDAH — The situation of foreigners living and working in any country other than their own is always a tough one and gets touchy depending on the situation, especially when unemployment in the host country increases and crime rate rises, not necessarily because of joblessness.

Forbes: Business Visionaries

Muhammad Yunus: Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 along with his Grameen Bank for pioneering the concept of micro-finance in his native Bangladesh--a financial model that has now spread across much of the Third World and intrigued large segments of the business communities of the developed world as well. tellyseries