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Khazanah Scholarship: Graduate

Subject: Notification to the students regarding the "Khazanah Scholarship" 2012

As per the instruction from the responsible authority of Yunus Centre, it is a notice to inform that the students who applied for Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship Postgraduate Program will be notified and confirmed by 5th, January 2012 regarding their presence at Sth, January 2012 at9:00 AM. The students are listed below:

1. Md. Shahidul lslam
2. Shakila Shams
3. Marzan Rahman
4. Md. Khaled Saifullah
5. Humaira Nargis
6. Md. Yousuf Harun
7. Noor-E-Fariaaurchi
8. Ashish Adhikary
9. Afsana Akter Sonia
10. Md. Mohi Minul Haque
11. Subal Kumar Debnath
12. Reaz Hafiz
13. Bankim Chandra
14. Nighat Farjana
15. Md. Rustam Khan
15. Janifer Nahar
17. Rifat Bin Salam
18. Sourav Chakraborty
19. Amit Shuvo Dey
20. Tamanna Tasnim
21. Sk. Wasi Uddin Mamun

These students' application has primarily been accepted and further application will be short-listed on the campaign. Those who are interested to participate in the assessment program must report to Yunus Centre by 8:45 AM on 8th, January 2012.

M.F.M. Amir Khashru
CFO, & Khazanah Co-ordinator,
Yunus Centre

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