Grameen Healthcare Trust (GHT)

Grameen Healthcare Trust (GHT) is a not for profit organization created by the Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, established under Trust Act of Bangladesh.
GHT was established with goal of helping to develop the health sector in Bangladesh especially to fulfill the unmet need for health care services to the low income group in the rural Bangladesh. GHT not only involves itself in building up health institutions but also supports other institutions working in the health sector. It also works to organize national and international support to support and undertake various health programs in Bangladesh.

GHT is created for achieving following major objectives:

  • To establish health service institution those include general hospitals, specialized hospitals, health clinics, community health centers, diagnostic centers, etc.
  • To develop medical institutions such as medical schools, colleges, training centers, pharmaceutical plants, research centers and laboratories.
  • To arrange and organize higher education and training courses for doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, technicians and other hospital management staff.
  • To undertake research on various health issues and build up relationship with national and international health research institutions, publish books, journals, newsletters, reports, research papers related to health.
  • To  providing  quality healthcare facilities and services affordable by the low income group.
  • To mobilize funds from local and international sources as grant, soft loans for facilitating above mentioned activities.

GHT is governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Grameen Healthcare Trust has equity participation in Grameen GC Eye Care Hospital in Bogra and a Grameen Eye Care Hospital in Barisal.

GHT is also the joint venture partner with BASF Germany in Grameen BASF which will produce micronutrient sprinkle to improve the nutrition of low income groups and treated mosquito nets to fight malaria, dengue and other mosquito borne diseases in Bangladesh.

GHT is now working with national and international organizations for development of a number of other health related projects in Bangladesh. tellyseries