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    Yunus Chair and Fellows

    Yunus Chair in Social Business and Health
    Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health

    Professor Cam Donaldson First holder of the new Yunus Chair in Social Business and Health was announced in early 2010.  Professor Cam Donaldson, one of the world's foremost health economists is the founding Yunus Professor at GCU.

    Professor Cam Donaldson, previously headed up the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University. At GCU he will bring together a team of researchers to further develop GCU's reputation for allied health research, which is already ranked in the top 10 in the UK.

    As Yunus Chair, he will lead a unique research programme evaluating the impact of social business creation on the lives and health of disadvantaged communities in Glasgow and overseas. The new Yunus Centre is named for Grameen Bank founder Professor Muhammad Yunus, in recognition of the Nobel Peace Prize winner's close working relationship with the University. The Yunus Chair and Centre are a key element of the Grameen Caledonian Programme co-ordinated by GCU. Professor Yunus is recognised as one of the world's leading social entrepreneurs for his efforts to create a world free of poverty. He has pioneered the concept of microcredit, which supports entrepreneurs who are too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans.

    Professor Donaldson, who was born in Springburn in Glasgow, said "The vision for this work was laid down 250 years ago, when Adam Smith, in his seminal work The Wealth of Nations, described the positive impacts of commerce on prosperity and well-being.

    "With the advent of the credit crunch it is particularly appropriate that we are looking at new ways of working in partnership to achieve redistribution of wealth in order to tackle stubborn and longstanding health problems in disadvantaged communities."

    Professor Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University, said "The appointment of Cam Donaldson to lead our new Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health is very warmly welcomed and fits closely wiht our strenghts in health research and social justice and our University's unique social mission to reduce inequalities."

    To discuss your support for the research programme and work of the Yunus Professor and Yunus Centre contact Colin McCallum:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Yunus Fellows

    Working under and alongside the Yunus Professor within the Lab will be a number of Yunus Fellows at GCU.  These Fellowships will be offered as one-year research opportunities for rising stars and thinkers working on aspects of social business and health.  Advertised internationally and offered competitively, the ambition is to position the Yunus Fellowship as a highly prestigious opportunity for individuals to have the space and time to develop their thinking and actions. 

    Based within the Lab at GCU, each Yunus Fellowship will fund an individual for a year to work in Glasgow on projects, to develop their own research and to contribute to the overall programme of the Lab. Fellows will be expected to publish their work widely and to contribute to seminars, lectures and other programmes during their time with the Lab.

    Evaluating the impacts of social business on health and inequalities

    A distinctive focus of the Lab and the Yunus Chair will be the evaluation of the impacts of social business on health and inequalities. Employment is an important factor in health. Unemployment hits the most disadvantaged sections of society the hardest and is associated with premature death, more physical and mental illness and living in less healthy environments than the rest of the population.

    Further, these health impacts may fall disproportionately on some sections of society who may face high levels of exclusion from the labour market, such as people with disabilities or poor mental health, migrants, asylum seekers, and women.  Focusing the work of the Yunus Chair and Lab on health and health inequalities is particularly salient given its geographical location. The gap in life expectancy of people living in the most deprived communities in Glasgow compared to those in the least deprived areas is increasing.

    Track record of public engagement

    GCU has a long standing track record in genuine public engagement, working with some of the most disadvantaged communities locally. Capitalising on a strong platform of excellence in applied health research, the Lab will be based within the newly established Institute of Health and Wellbeing at GCU, but will also draw on the extensive, complimentary research strengths, experience and subject expertise in the Institute of Society and Social Justice, the Scottish Poverty Information Unit, the Caledonian Business School and the School of Built and Natural Environment in the University. 

    The Lab work programme will require interaction with interest groups and communities through building and sustaining strong partnerships and networks involving public, private and voluntary sectors both locally, across Scotland and internationally.

    It is vital that the university can properly resource the Yunus Chair in Social Business and Health, the Yunus Research Fellowship and build the research programme of the Grameen Caledonian Creative Lab. In addition to its own substantial investment, the university is actively seeking the support that will help these projects reach their full potential. To find out more about how you can get involved by giving of your time, resources, a donation or long term interest free loan please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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